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Interface & Application Programming

1. What is SPI ?
a) Serial Parallel Interface
b) Serial Programmable Interface
c) Service Provider Interface
d) Serial peripheral Interface

2) The port used for programming microcontroller is __
a) Parallel
b) Serial
c) USB
d) All of the above

3) TO attain good resolution of machining the preferred dot per inches(dpi) are
a) 200
b) 500
c) 700
d) 1000

4) The GAVRASM software is used for
a) Assembling & compiling hex
b) Uploading file into MCU
c) To execute file
d) All of the above

5) avrDude is use for
a) TO Compile hex file
b) To Upload hex file into microcontroller
c) To create the obeject file
d) can't say