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Interface & Application Programming

1. Microcontroller is also known as
a) µC
b) MCU
c) UC
d) All of the above

2) Out of Following _____ is Microcontroller
a) Capacitor
b) ATmini
c) ATtiny
d) Transistor

3) IC acronym of _____
a) Integrated Circuit
b) Interchange code
c) Interchangeable core
d) Can't say

4) Microcontroller can be programmed using ___ Language.
a) 'C' or 'Assembly'
b) Java
c) Java Script
d) All of the Above

5) Microcontroller need a __ vtg Power supply
a) 1.5 Vtg
b) 5 Vtg
c) 9 Vtg
d) 12 Vtg